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Urban Feast
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Chicken Burger Meal
Chicken Fillet£4.00served with fries & drink
Double Fillet£5.00served with fries & drink
Spicy Fillet£5.00served with fries & drink
Chicken Grill Fillet£5.00served with fries & drink
Chicken Combo Meals
1 Pc & 2 Wings£3.49served with fries & drink
2 Pc & 2 Wings£4.49served with fries & drink
3 Pc & 3 Wings£5.49served with fries & drink
Chicken Meal Deals
1 Pc£2.69served wtih freis & drink
2 Pcs£3.69served with fries & drink
3 Pcs£4.59served with fries & drink
4 Pcs£5.00served with fries & drink
Chicken Delights
6 Nuggets£3.49served with fries & drink
4 Strips£4.29served with fries & drink
5 Wings£3.49served with fries & drink
5 Chicken Strips£4.79served with fries & drink
Cheese Burger Meal
1.4 lb£4.00served with fries & drink
1.2 lb Mountain£5.00served with fries & drink
Vegetarian Meals
Veggie Burger£4.00served with fries & drink
Bean Burger£4.00served with fries & drink
Fish Fillet£4.00served with fries & drink
Kebab in Tandoori Naan
Doner in Naan£4.99MoreEither lamb doner, chicken doner or mixed doner served with salad & sauce
Chicken Strips£3.00More
Doner or Chicken Kebab£4.00More
Shami or Sheesh Kebab£4.00More
Masala Fish in Naan£4.49
Masala Fish in Pitta or Wrap£4.00More
Fish & Chips£4.49
Grilled Chicken Burger Meal£4.99
Grilled Chicken Tikka in Naan£4.99Moreserved with salad & sauce
Grilled Lamb Tikka in Naan£4.99Moreserved with salad & sauce
Mixed Grill in Naan£8.99MoreLamb tikka & Chicken tikka served with salad & sauce
3 Lamb Sheesh Kebabs in Naan£4.99Moreserved with salad & sauce
Grilled Lamb Chops£5.992 succulent grilled lamb chops with salad. Served with naan or fries.
Grilled Chicken Salad£2.99
Tuna Salad£2.99
Greek Salad£2.99
Fresh Garden Salad£1.99
Cajun Chicken Pasta£2.99More
Piri Piri Chicken Pasta£2.99More
Chicken Pesto Pasta£2.99More
Roast Chicken Pasta£2.99More
Grilled Chicken Pasta£2.99More
2 Meat Samosa£1.80
2 Veg Samosa£1.80
2 Shish Kebab£2.80
Side Orders
1 Pc Southern Fried Chicken£1.20
5 Spicy Wings£1.99
6 Chicken Nuggets£1.99
4 Chicken Strips£2.99
Any Single Burger£2.99
Bottle 500ml£1.20
Hot Drinks£1.50
Fried Chicken Buckets
6 Pc Chicken Bucket£11.996 Pc Chicken, 5 Wings, 3 Reg Fries & 1.5 ltr Bottle
10 Pc Chicken Bucket£15.9910 Pc Chicken, 10 Wings, 4 Reg Fries & 1.5 ltr Bottle